Quick Start Guide

Everything in business starts with a sale! Yet so many people we meet are afraid of the sale!

Two things contribute to a lost deal:

  • High buyer resistances
  • Lack of seller confidence

The models that we call the Core Four are designed to build bullet-proof sales confidence in you and your team.  We have added a fifth model to the list and that is the Tension Model.

For now though, just work through these models, thinking them through will build confidence in you and your team.

Using them will literally evaporate the resistance from the buyer.

As you work through them recognise that they link together.

  1. The four levels of the Pre-Frame Model link to the four levels of the Four Futures Model.
  2. The third level (Transformational) on the Value Model becomes the Sweet Spot of the Genius Model.
  3. The Petals from the Genius Model become the three measures/indicators that distinguish each level of both the Four Futures and the Pre-Frame Model.

Most importantly, as you work through these models, begin to see the models in everything around you and have fun!

The Pre-Frame Models are the first of what we call the Core Four models.

The Pre-Frame Models allow you to demonstrate to your prospects that you have an intimate understanding of them and their circumstances.

They also allow you to position yourself as the only logical provider for their solution in the marketplace, without any need for ego or pushy sales language.

There is nothing more powerful in marketing than for the prospect to be able to see that you truly ‘get’ them. That you know them perhaps better than they know themselves.

The Deep Transformational Value Model is the second model of the Core Four and it unpacks that picture in an easy, subtle conversation with the client, so that they arrive at a realisation that what you are offering is far, far deeper than simply a product or service.

The third model of the Core Four, this is the central model for any business. It is your business genius. The Genius Model will transform the way you think about your business and it will transform the way you communicate what you do to your clients.

The Genius Model connects your unique products, services and solutions to the client’s deepest felt need or want and the impact that solving that will have on them.

The Genius Model makes it almost impossible for the client to walk away from the potential solution that you are putting in front of them.

The binary Tension Models show a red green comparison that challenges the client to think about where they sit, in terms of their problem.

Do they sit with the great mass of people that are in the red zone with that problem, or do they sit with the very small percentage of people who have solved the problem in the green zone?

Naturally, most prospects are in the red zone, and, with really simple to draw diagrams, this creates a tension for the prospect, that allows you to comfortably step into a conversation about what they would like to do about resolving those problems.

This is one of the Core Four models and it is an incredibly powerful model to create urgency and action, and position the client with the realisation that they simply can’t wait any longer to take action against this problem.

In solving their problem it positions you as the best option to resolve the issue.