Prospects really only want two things …

Sales is often talked about as a fairly adversarial activity.  It’s become so normalised to think about it in this way, that we don’t really even notice that we’re doing it.

Sure, we talk about consultative selling, solution selling, relationship selling … even service selling, but the undercurrent is still there.  The prospect comes to the process with an underlying suspicion.  They don’t want to “get ripped off”.

And no wonder!  The sales world talks about the close, the funnel, tripwires, calls to action, landing pages, conversion clicks, click through, authority positioning, urgency and scarcity and more.  It’s as though the prospect is an object being moved through an assembly line.  Even the term “prospect”, coming from the idea of prospecting, is a bit of a problem – as if they were a piece of gold we might find in a mining pan.

Despite all that, selling just may not be so wildly complex at all.  What if there were really only two things every single person really wants when they’re in a conversation to buy something?  And what if those two things are not served at all by the industrial age style of selling?

Even better still, what if everyone had the immediate ability to offer those two things without any tech or systems required?

Would you want to know what they are?