I have to do it, you have to do it, your team have to do it, everyone in business has to do it  … what am I talking about?

Running projects to improve some aspect of the business.  The problem is we also need to do the business-as-usual work as we run these projects.

Wouldn’t it be bliss if you could just focus on the improvement work everyday!

For over 25 years I’ve been hired by companies from small to medium sized enterprises up to large multinational corporations, as a project execution trouble-shooter.  When their projects are going off the rails, I get called in to get them back on track.

I’ve also been engaged to deliver project management training to these organisations, government agencies and universities, and there are a few key factors that make all the difference to project success.

In the entrepreneurial world, some of the big business project tactics don’t work.  So I developed a models-based approach to powerful project management.

One of the things that really elevates project success is visibility.  The more everyone working on the project can SEE the thinking and decision making that needs to be done, the greater the success and the faster the results.

The common problem is that project thinking is often done in spreadsheets, gantt charts, project software and complex planning documents.

Like most things, the more you simplify and visualise these conversations and plans, the better the result.

If you want to elevate your project success, elevate the visibility of the thinking in the project.

And I know of no better way to do that than to facilitate every project conversation, thought process and design activity through purpose-built models.