I had the honour of presenting into two groups in the USA very early on Saturday morning and I told them something I think every business owner and leader should know …


I shared a perspective on what I believe is happening right now that is worthy of some conscious consideration by EVERY business leader.


We slip into a comfort zone of result over time that is the by-product of habitual thinking, behaviours and systems.


The comfort zone has a natural boundary that individuals find difficult to break through, let alone the ability for groups of people impacted by collective thinking trying to break through.


If we are to improve, we need to clear the comfort zone line, however clearing the line requires a level of disruption to force us out.


It’s fair to say that these are fairly chaotic times and chaos is EXACTLY the sort of disruption that pushes people out of their comfort zone.


Whilst it isn’t easy to think about right now, the reality is that all progress lives on the far side of chaos!


The problem is, most people hate the idea of walking into chaos, let alone through it.


It is for this reason, that true leaderships shows up on the leading edge of chaos.


Those leaders that lead themselves, and their team, intelligently into and through the chaos of these turbulent times, will almost certainly come out the other side having found new innovations that drive progress in their business.


As a leader, how comfortable are you with chaos?