Your Business Is On The Bell Curve

The important question is … where?

Our work with business leaders typically falls into one of three categories of focus:
  • Fixing broken businesses,
  • Taking good businesses to great, or
  • Helping great businesses to change the game!

Every business should be built to win!  To disrupt thinking, elevate Genius and accelerate influence.   The Models Method is that disruptor!

“Spending just 90 minutes with Simon is the ultimate clarity bomb. After 10 years of dancing around the edges of my true business purpose, Simon was able to deep dive, elevate my thinking and help set me on track with purpose and a new found excitement. I now have an actionable strategy to better guide my clients while confidently attracting new ones. If you have the opportunity to spend any time with Simon, grab it with both hands!”

Marie Broderick
Owner – Grow Agency
New Zealand

Exhilarating stuff Simon. Just THE best, most relevant, useful and valuable 30 minutes I’ve ever had on Zoom or face-to-face, one-on-one ever. It’s that huge.

Paul Dunn,
4 times TEDx Speaker
Award-winning Entrepreneur
Master Presenter

Simon’s visual selling models are one of the biggest breakthroughs in selling in the last 20 years!

Ari Galper,
The World’s #1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling
CEO of Unlock The Game & Trusted Authority

Right now, your business is either on the green line heading up, or the red line heading down. Early on, the difference may not feel that great, but later, the void between the two will accelerate as time goes on … time always wins!
You already know what line your on. I don’t need to tell you.
If you’re on the red line the first thing we need to do is stop the stuff that is keeping you on that line and introduce the things we need to for you to jump lines. Then we need to move you along the curve to the top.
Businesses end up on the red line when they’re UNCLEAR, UNKNOWN and UNDISCIPLINED!
If you’re already on the green line you’ll understand exactly what I mean, and the power of it, when I say we need to focus on acceleration along the curve.
Being on the green line is a result of OUT-THINKING, OUT-SELLING and OUT-PERFORMING the rest of the market.  

When you out-think, out-sell and out-perform the rest of the market, you become the most intelligent, influential and trusted business in you niche.

Being on the green line, now and into the future, will be a result of deliberate, decisive, focused action as opposed to habitual, uninformed distraction!
The Models Method is a world-first framework that will jump your business to the green line and create sales and performance momentum that will accelerate your business along the curve.

Our goal for you, is to make your business the most intelligent, influential and trusted in its niche.
When you’re the most intelligent, influential and trusted business in your market, you dominate your space.
Great business leaders elevate and accelerate the level of thinking and the power of influence, in their business, to dominate their space.
When you dominate your space you get three key outcomes:
  • You can control your market. Not necessarily the entire market, but the market that is most important to your success and impact.
  • You control your results in three key areas, money, impact and autonomy.
  • You control growth. The business increases by design.
The nine accelerators around the outside of the model drive that domination. These are the focus of our work with clients.
Through the use of powerful visual thinking models we provide frameworks, blueprints for the brain, that leaders use in their business to:
  • Think more strategically
  • Lead more powerfully
  • Sell more disruptively
  • Execute projects more effectively
  • Perform more precisely
  • Operate more responsively

What You Should Expect

The coaching occurs at three levels:
  • Tangible – Tools and techniques
  • Intangible – Strategies and projects
  • Transformational – Psychology, insights and principles
The deeper the thinking, the bigger the result.
The problem is, you can’t be shallow and deep at the same time!
It also doesn’t matter how much wind is blowing across the iceberg at the waterline.  The iceberg always moves in the direction of the transformational mass at the bottom!
Tools and techniques only work if they’re based on deep thinking.
We have a responsibility to go deep.
The 80/20 Rule is quoted incorrectly all the time. It should say “80% of your effort builds the foundation for the last 20% of effort to get 80% of the results”.
Performance is not a straight line, it is an exponential curve.
Our Coach Operating System runs over 90 day blocks and uses three action phases and a reflection phase:
  • Activate is the “get started” phases on a new piece of work.
  • Calibrate is where we go back and forth to get the foundation in place.
  • Accelerate is where we bring it all together at the conclusion.
  • Celebrate is where we learn and build belief.

The Coaching Cycle

How We Work Together

The contact process consists of:
  • A monthly outcome focused Zoom call for 90 minutes
  • Quick weekly, red/amber/green progress check in by Voxer
  • A 20 minute mid-month accountability check in via Zoom
  • Unfettered access via Zoom and Email
  • Recordings of all calls
  • Copies of all iPad notes
  • Copies of all models used or created
  • 300 word end-of-month summary from client (template provided)
  • We use Slack and Favro or Trello for collaboration
The Menu Of $20K Problems
This is a focusing concept.  The idea is that we address a $20k problem every month or add $20k in value, minimum.  This keeps us action and outcome oriented and sharpens the focus when we need it.
For example, team members often express a need for more resources or time.  But, what about utilisation and focus.  Models to increase team utilisation and focus will easily save $20k across a team.
There are literally hundreds of these $20k problems. Simplistically, solving one per month adds $240k to the bottom line.

The Agenda

12 Month Timeline
  • Prepare 12-Month Game-Plan on commencement
  • Use Game-Plan to drive 90-day cycles and reviews
90-Day Cycle (Based on the Coach Operating System)
  • 90-Day Outcome Plan used to target goals
  • 90-Day Outcome Plan used to inform monthly focus
Monthly Agenda
  • Zoom call – Activate The Month
    • Reconfirm focus for the month
    • Understand the outcome/s, available resources and expected action pathway
    • Model the challenge – including additional working models
    • Set the measure/s of success
    • Commit the action plan
  • Calibrate
    • Mid-month check in
    • identify necessary adjustments
  • Accelerate
    • Week three – hit the after-burners
    • Set up for next month (using the 90-Day Outcome Plan)