Is it possible to sell at a higher rate of conversion, just by making the customer feel safer?

I was in a mastermind discussion late on Friday night that included my good friend Martin Latulippe. 

He talked about the principle of security for the buyer whenever he does a major online launch – and just for context, his launches are huge.

What Martin calls security I call safety – but we are talking about the same thing.

Look at the continuum model – when we sell by putting the customer under pressure, we pull them towards the left, feeling like they’re at risk.

The tipping point is for the customer to feel deeply understood. This may seem like the end goal, but there is another level.

At the far right the selling is done in a way that has them feeling respectfully protected. At this end, the buyer is pulled towards an increasingly safer position.

When your buyer feels safer with you than they do without you, conversion will increase and so will loyalty.

Buyer safety is NOT a sales technique. It is a commitment that comes with making sales the most noble thing that happens in your business.

What one thing could you start doing that might make your customers feel even safer than they might already feel with you?