"Simon's models are like cheating. I've never sold so well from stage but somehow I'm now a Master."

Matt Theriault
Entrepreneur, Success Coach

Models Make The Complex Sale Simple, Easy And Memorable!

The Sales Presentation Pack One-To-One Consult

The Models Method Sales Presentation Pack One-to-One Consult creates deep shifts in thinking about your business and gets to your core story to transform the way you, your team and, ultimately, your clients view the value you create.
Imagine being able to distill the meaningful from the meaningless, put it in front of your customer in a quiet, effective way, while building their willing confidence in you, allowing the sale to take care of itself.
That’s what the Models Method Sales Presentation Pack is going to give you!

Simon brings 25 years of experience to the consult, to create models that will increase your conversion rate and build bullet-proof sales confidence in you and your team.

What We’ll Create Together During the Consult

Most businesses and indeed, most sales coaches suggest a blend of finding a gun sales person, using NLP mind controlling techniques and driving the customer through urgency and scarcity to increase sales conversion and speed.
All of this amounts to sales pressure. Customers must automatically push back!
We call this “following the rhythm of the sale”. It’s subconsciously understood by everyone involved and everyone knows their part – the sales person must push, the customer must resist.
How do you combat that and still make selling effective, low pressure, high converting and fast?
You move in the opposite direction from the rhythm of the sale, towards to what we call “the rhythm of realisation”.
In other words, you move to transparency.
That’s what this Consult creates – a sales flow that transparently moves the buyer through four key realisations:
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    The Client Pre-Frame Model

    A model to help the customer realise that they are a prospective client of yours? This model challenges them to see themselves as a potential buyer, without pressure from you. It has them “opt in” to the possibility of a purchase.
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    The Deep Value Model

    A simple but powerful way to realise the deepest and most impactful value of what you do, shifting them from logical to emotional engagement with you. The Deep Value Model takes the buyer from the shallow decision of price, to the deeper decision of transformational value.
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    The Genius Model

    The Genius Model allows you land, in five to seven minutes, the core genius of your unique IP, in a compelling and simple way that allows the buyer to realise that you know exactly how to do this. They just can’t ignore or easily walk away from you. The model also completely aligns everyone in the business around what you do.
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    The Four Futures Model

    By this point, the prospect has seen themselves as a client, been shown deep value and witnessed how your genius delivers that value, all that’s left is to “when”. Four Futures creates natural time tension that allows the customer to realise that they need this sooner rather than later.
“Spending just 90 minutes with Simon is the ultimate clarity bomb. After 10 years of dancing around the edges of my true business purpose, Simon was able to deep dive, elevate my thinking and help set me on track with purpose and a new found excitement. I now have an actionable strategy to better guide my clients while confidently attracting new ones. If you have the opportunity to spend any time with Simon, grab it with both hands!”

Marie Broderick,
Owner – Grow Agency, New Zealand

“Exhilarating stuff, Simon. Just THE best, most relevant, useful and valuable 90 minutes I’ve ever had on Zoom or face-to-face, one-on-one ever. It’s that huge.”

Paul Dunn,
4 times TEDx Speaker
Award-winning Entrepreneur
Master Presenter

“Simon’s visual selling models are one of the biggest breakthroughs in selling in the last 20 years!”

Ari Galper,
The World’s #1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling
CEO of Unlock The Game & Trusted Authority

What Do You Get?

  • PREPARATION – We want you be fully prepared so you get maximum value from the consult, so we will send through preparation materials that will set us up for a fast and effective consulting session.
  • MODELS CONSULT – We want to unlock the deepest genius and highest impact value of your product or service. The consults are live, video-conference based, one-to-one sessions with Simon where he will unpack insights about your business, into highly personalised models that will leave you speechless and transform the way you view your business.
  • CAPTURING YOUR SALES SEQUENCE – From receiving the lead, the entire sales sequence should be a planned, deliberate process.  We’ll make sure we unpack this so we can used the sales models with the greatest power.  Simon will position the models in a sequence and show you how to use that sequence for sales presentations that range from 15 minutes, through short stage presentations to webinars and even full day lead generation workshops.
  • RECORDING – Clients always want the exact words, choreography and insights discovered during the consult – with this in mind, the consult will be recorded for you, as a video, and you will also be provided with the PDF of the notes made on screen during the consult.
  • CHOREOGRAPHY – The key to a great visual models based sales presentation is the choreography. After the consult, Simon will clean up the models in the notes from the session and then record a video where he will demonstrate the ideal choreography for each model. This will also include the PDF file of the cleaned up models.
  • CRITIQUE SESSION – To make sure you get the models right. Once the models are prepared, we will schedule a two-hour session for you to role play the choreographed delivery of you Powerful Sales Story for Simon to critique.
  • SUPPORT – There will always be questions and tweaks to be made after the consult. Simon will respond to any questions and tweaks you might have, via email and Voxer, for a month after the consult, to make sure you are completely happy with your key models.
  • YOUR RESOURCES – We will set up an online resource page specifically for you. The resource page also allows you to share the material with your team. This will include:
    • The call recordings and PDF so you can go over and over the models to make them habit
    • A clean PDF of the models created so there is no confusion about the content
    • Videos of the choreography of your models, delivered by Simon, so you can get the timing and sequence perfected
    • Transcripts of the choreography for quick reference
    • Foundational training videos for each of the four core models so you can train staff and keep training yourself
    • Templates in PowerPoint and Keynote for each of the core models so you can quickly create your own professional images
    • Keynote and PowerPoint files of your actual models so you’re ready to go
    • Images of the models for use in various print and online materials
    • A PDF of the sales sequence to use as an iPad presentation tool in the sales process
    • A one page Cuecard for each of the foundational models to give you a quick cheat sheet for each one
    • A tech talk video where Simon outlines the tech he uses and offer quick tips.
Our experience is that clients want to move fast and get their models driven sales sequence in play as quickly as possible.  Typically we get the sequence built in two consult sessions, have you tweak them through practice and testing with some trusted clients, and then have you present them back to Simon in the Critique Session.  Depending on schedules this can happen in the space of one to two weeks.
“Since we applied the Models Method to our sales, we have a structured, identical solution-based approach throughout the entire team. Personally, after only my third presentation with our unique sales models, I landed a multinational, public listed customer, for multiple site upgrades – valued over $550,000.”

Steve Temelkovski
National Sales Manager
Evoleder Innovations Pty Ltd

We are so confident about the power of models in the sale process, that we are sure we will be able to unpack your unique IP into a choreographed conversation that will give you and your sales team bullet-proof confidence in how you sell.
In a recent consult, our client recognised that the models would increase her already high, personal conversion rate and allow her to teach others to sell as effectively as she does, freeing her up to do more lead generation and big ticket selling. She estimated that these two things alone could increase her revenue by $500,000 to $1,000,000 a year.
We also recently had a client selling to large private and government institutions at an industry conference, where she had thirteen, 20 minute appointments, seeking 3 conversions. Using her sales pack from the Genius Consult, she converted 10 out of 13, with the remaining three still in the follow up process.  They had an expectation of a 23% conversion rate and actually achieved 76% with the remaining 24% still in play.
So, If you are open to a very different way to sell, without pressure or pushy sales techniques, then click below to find out more.

Our Money Back Promise

In the unlikely scenario that you don’t believe the models will increase your sales, just let us know at the end of the first consult session and, on agreement to not use the models in your business, we will refund your investment fully.