There’s an uncomfortable reality in sales that we have to talk about …

Too many people in sales just fall into the selling profession.

 Then they adopt whatever sales conversations and practices they stumble upon, while they’re in front of the prospect.

We justify it by calling it the ‘gift of the gab’!

Relying on the “inspiration of the moment” to come up with something amazing, to shift the prospects paradigms, and have them falling over themselves to buy from us.

That’s not how peak performance works.

Singers, stage performers, artists, musicians, athletes, teams, the military – all performing at the top of their game, have one thing in common …

They work harder in practice than they do in the actual moment of performance.

They refine their process and approach and then they practice it over and over until they can rely on what I call “moment memory”.

They know that in the moment of performance they have the muscle memory, fitness, voice control, stage control, emotional control, tools and preparation needed to put them at advantage.

That’s NOT how most people approach selling.

If you do, congratulations.  However, I’ve delivered a lot of sales training over the years and I can promise you, the one thing most sales people universally dislike is role play … yet role play is the best form of practice there is.

We know there’s room for improvement!

We build visual sales models for sales people because the models become part of the “moment memory” a sales person can rely on.  The models create a foundation of support.  The models do much of the heavy lifting.

As we head into an uncertain 2023, the greatest advantage you could possibly have in your selling is preparation.  Knowing that you have done the thinking and framing needed to perform at a high level of execution in the moment.

Visual models step you through that thinking and framing and then become the tools you need to walk your prospect through that same thinking and framing.

What are you doing to prepare for peak sales performance in 2023?