Your Value - Your Genius - Their Decisions

Customers don’t buy on price alone if value is presented in a way that is compelling and the genius of your solution is obvious.
There is plenty of talent out there and, as hard as it may be to accept, there are almost certainly others who are as good at what you do as you are.

The reality is that you need to land your message in a way that makes them want to hear, and lets them understand it.

So, you need to go deep on your value – surface value just won’t do.  In video one I explore the levels of value that you should be able to explain in order to lift your prospects above the simplistic price decision.
After value you must be able to give them confidence that your blueprint, your Genius, will solve their problem.  In video two I dip into the Genius Model, the flagship model of the Models Method. This model explains how you do what you do and gives your customer confidence in you.
With value and genius explained, you must understand the dynamic of how the customer makes their purchase decision.  This is driven by five basic buying questions.  In video three I outline these questions and what you need to know about them.
Selling Value
Unpacking Genius
How They Buy