The 5 Step Anatomy Of A Powerful Punchline That Sells

A prospect only buys without resistance when they reach their own internal realisation that they truly need what is being offered. These moments of clarity, the “Aha Moment” are what the new order of sales success is based on. No longer does a “foot-in-the-door” work! You can’t kick the door down and you can’t “submit them into the sale.” It’s not a wrestling match!

So, how do you create an "Aha Moment"?

The Five Steps To Realisation:

  1. CREATE CONTEXT – This is the setup stage. It should create a frame of reference for the prospect that has them see their problem and feel the conflict they are struggling with, within that problem – BUT this must be done safely and within their comfort zone.
  2. FACILITATE – As soon as the prospect feels like it is a sale, all systems shut down. They must be engaged in a discussion about the problem, not about them. It allows them to step back from having to be vulnerable and admit any failing on their part. Facilitate the problem with them rather than sell to them.
  3. CONTRAST – Explore the concept under discussion and create a contrast between what currently is and what could be for most people. Allow the problem to be something that everyone experiences.
  4. MISDIRECTION AND SURPRISE – In their brain, we need to move them from information processing to curiosity and attention. The incongruity and surprise of misdirection techniques achieves this and sets up an expectation that something worthy is coming.
  5. DELIVER THE PUNCHLINE – Deliver a short, direct and punchy observation about what is really important. This should be targeted at what they are thinking but not saying … at the impact of the solution rather than the solution itself.

But How Can You Do This Without Awkwardness Or Pressure?   You Can Build A MODEL!

  • A model creates a comfort zone, inside the framework, structure and sense of certainty it portrays
  • A model is visual and makes the intangible tangible
  • A model creates the pathway to the punchline
  • A model is memorable – something they can take with them, physically and mentally, of their moment of realisation

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