What’s the anatomy of a great punchline and how can you craft punchlines that sell?

We sell at three levels of thinking – context, concept and content.

Context is the entire reason for the purchase, it’s why the prospect buys and it is all about the MATCH between your solution and their problem.

Concept is where you start to detail the “philosophy” of your approach – your genius.

Content is the outline of your delivery specifications.

Too often the context is lost early in the sales conversation and the dialogue drops through concept into content. This results in reducing the value of your offer.

Holding onto context is one of the keys to a great punchline. A punchline sets up context and adds a little used dimension to the dialogue … contrast.

When you set up a punchline you create a pathway for discovery. In an instant, you drop an insight or observation that simultaneously exposes the contrast between the unexpected gain and the unanticipated risk … the contextual contrast that the prospect feels, but usually can’t explain.

This is the power of the punchline.