There’s power in visualisation … embedding an image in the mind, so the mind acts as if it has already happened.

This has power in fields of high-performance like elite sport, but what about in sales?

Selling is also a field of high-performance and picturing yourself making the sale before it happens is as powerful as an athlete picturing winning the gold medal before running the race.

Visualisation acts on that part of the brain that doesn’t differentiate between real and imagined.  If the imagery is clear and powerful, the brain acts as though it is real … driving the behaviours and emotions that go with that reality.

Visualising the sale, to drive success as a sales person makes sense … but can we get the prospect to VISUALISE THE PURCHASE, in a way that drives the behaviours and emotions that go with that decision?

We’re about to start our next Create My Models Program where we show businesses how to use a models-based sales conversation to visually plant four key concepts in your prospect’s mind:

Curiosity about what you do, 

Desire for the results you deliver, 

Confidence that how you do it will work for them, and

A need to do it sooner rather than later.

I’d love to know, how do you help your prospect VISUALISE buying your solution?