The same old stuff of grow your list and build a funnel really needs a shake up if you want to elevate your results in 2021 …

A December graduate of our Create My Models Program messaged me:

“… I have fully tested my models (on clients). I must admit I had some doubts but the response from them has been phenomenal – just as you described to me on so many occasions, simplicity, language and choreography are a winning formula that helps me talk from the heart about what I do. Thanks so much for the ‘hand-holding’ – I cannot describe to you the feeling (after 11 years) to finally be able to explain to people what I do and they get it!”

Often really smart people, with a powerful but complex offer, struggle to express what they do in a way that separates them from the crowd AND builds their own confidence about the profound power of their solution.

Every time you have a sales conversation with a prospect, that conversation should also build your own sense of pride.

A models-based, sales conversation is so deceptively sophisticated and elegantly simple that this power and pride becomes hard-wired and easy.

Hand on heart, how many of your prospects would call your offer “phenomenal” just as a result of your sales conversation?