Three Questions To Ask To Get The Perfect Testimonial

Asking for a great testimonial can be challenging.  How do you calibrate your best clients to craft a powerful statement or story that will engage and captivate prospective new clients without actually putting words into their mouth?
If you do put words in their mouth it immediately sounds inauthentic.  The problem is, if you don’t guide them, even your best customers will probably not give you a testimonial as powerful as you would like it to be.
This model gives you a framework and three key questions that calibrate you clients towards the perfect testimonial.
Give it a try!
Question 1 (Logical – Results):
What are the real results you were able to get as a result of working with us?
Question 2 (Emotional – Impact):
What’s the deepest level of impact those results had on you and your circumstances?
Question 3 (Transformational – Game Changing):
Knowing what you know now, if you were listening to someone else talking about what we do, what would you need to have heard from them, for you to realise that this was what you needed?

Watch The Video For A Deeper Explanation