The real challenge in making a complex sale is that human beings always prefer the path of least resistance …

When you’re sharing a complex idea in a sales scenario, the customer must be able to quickly capture the idea in their mind. If they can’t, the path of least resistance is to walk away or ignore it.

But if a big idea is presented in a way that can’t be ignored, the path of least resistance is to accommodate it and make it work for us.

The fastest and easiest way to make an idea hard to ignore is to make it visual. We need to tap into the principle of “I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes.”

If we go one step further and give the idea structure through a powerful visual model, we create a situation where the customer can “see it” and “get it”.

The model becomes the path of least resistance to the acceptance of the idea. It acts as a blueprint for the brain that allows the customer to buy the idea and the thinking behind it.

Every sales process should be designed to provide the customer with the path of least resistance to their decision.

 What’s your path of least resistance in selling and what do you do to create that slide down toward the agreement of the idea?