There’s a key moment that comes up every time I work with a client to discover and unpack the profound genius behind what they do.

It’s that moment when I challenge them to articulate the three most important calibrated outcomes they achieve for their clients. Once we have the outcomes, I want to find out what it means to their clients to get those outcomes – we call this the Million-Dollar-Promise.

These two layers of deeper thinking form the narrative that runs through all the models in the Models-Based Sales Sequence.

Usually I’m told that there are more than three outcomes, or that it is hard to quantify the outcomes, or something similar.

But this avoidance highlights a big issue. If we can’t quantify what we do for our clients, why should we assume that they can somehow calibrate it for themselves and choose to spend more on us than they spend on other suppliers.

So here’s one way to think about this.

You no doubt provide your clients with many benefits – but we want them to be certain about why they need to buy right now and why from you.

This requires deeper thinking.

So answer this question: “What is the single most powerful paradigm shift your clients enjoy in their situation, BECAUSE they worked with you?”