On a flight to Brisbane yesterday, I sat next to a 13-year, army veteran, who had been deployed to Afghanistan, and during a very interesting conversation, he said something that I thought was quite profound.

He said people think that war is all about who’s got the biggest gun.

When, in fact, it’s more about who’s got the better intel and better timing.

And that, in the military, timing is everything … down to the second. 

Or people die.

And it’s the same in sales …

Whilst definitely not as dramatic or dangerous, thankfully, there could be casualties in your business if your intel and timing around your sales process isn’t what it should be.

It’s all about strategic thinking and business acumen.

I was speaking at an event this week and asked how many in the room knew their conversion rate … one.

Who knew their average time from 1st contact to sale … none.

Who knew their timing of a fast sale and slow sale … none.

Who knew their optimum time between submitting a proposal/quote and the follow up … one.

Could YOU tell me your answers those questions … right now?

How good is YOUR sales intel and timing?

If it’s not what it should be, you could be causing casualties in your business … and nobody wants that.

Timing is everything.

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