I grew up in another time, in little country towns around Western Australia, one with a population as little as 449 residents.

In those days, going to the shop to run an errand was always a highlight.  

Every time I went to the shop to get something for my mother, Mr Hill would give me some lollies from the counter for free.

In different towns and different corner shops, the pattern was the same.

Were they all just generous country folk, or did they intuitively know that keeping the local kids happy also kept them coming into the store?

When I needed new clothes, my mother would send me down to Cadd Brothers.

I would pick out some shirts and pants and then take them home on “Approval” or “Apro” as we called it.  

That way Mum could see how they fitted and if she liked them.

We would keep what we liked and take back what we didn’t and the store charged us for what we kept.

More often than not, Mum would look at the shirts I had brought home and decide to keep them all.

Seems like Apro was the perfect upsell.

Old-fashioned, country service and convenience was actually a pretty good business strategy – it’s timeless.

I wonder, what timeless business practices could you implement into your business for greater success?

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