Now the real selling starts …

Anybody can make a sale when markets are buoyant, people are confident, interest rates are low and inflation is under control.

Under those conditions prospects come to the sales conversation already convinced that they are going to buy – the only question is will they buy from you?  With these dynamics in play, selling is easy.

When times are more challenging, the prospect still comes to the sales conversation, however they are not certain that they can or should make the purchase.  In short, the buyer has a need to address but they are under greater pressure as they make the buying decision.

Now the salesperson must achieve two things:

Help the prospect to prioritise this investment, ahead of all other ways they can spend the money.

Demonstrate to the prospect that spending the money on their solution is the best value option.

You can’t achieve these two things by creating even more pressure on the prospect –scarcity, urgency, fear …

The prospect has to know that spending that money is okay … and if it isn’t, you won’t take their money.

They also need to know that you are supremely confident that your option is the absolute best option for them … and if it isn’t, you won’t take their money. 

In other words, when customers are under pressure, BUYER SAFETY rules.  Make the prospect safer with you than they are without you.

I’d love to know how you go about making your prospects safe during these challenging times?