Customer satisfaction and measures like the Net Promoter Score are NOT the most important client metrics for sales or delivery success!

Let’s talk about satisfaction, case studies, testimonials and referrals!

If client satisfaction is an indicator that your customer is happy with you, then referrals are an indicator that they’re impressed by you.  Impressed enough to put their reputation on the line to tell others to work with you.

Between satisfaction and referrals, lie case studies and testimonials.

Satisfaction indicates that the customer is happy with what you do.

Case studies are a way of talking about how your solution equips them and puts them in a better position. It is often a before and after storyline. 

Testimonials are what you get when a client shares the results your solution gets for them.

Referrals are what happens when your client has a high level of confidence about all three levels.

Even better still is when a client shares a powerful testimonial publicly, like Noel did, effectively creating a “mass market referral”.

He posted to social media “There isn’t a day goes by I am not grateful to Simon Bowen for his training in models.  It’s not an exaggeration to say Simon’s Genius Model has not only made me millions, but the same model helps me daily to unpack my program for my clients.  MY best advice is to learn what Simon Bowen has to teach. You won’t regret it!”

You can’t buy referrals or testimonials – you only get them when you serve your clients with what you do and equip them to get the results they’re after.

Don’t make customer satisfaction the primary measure of performance in your business … make referral rate the measure of success, because it truly indicates the impact of what you do!