I can predict with almost absolute certainty that none of your sales team are working their hearts out to make you wealthy!

People simply aren’t motivated by your profit!

They’re motivated by improving their own situation, serving a worthy cause, fighting a common enemy or supporting a valued friend or family member.

When it comes to sales teams, don’t expect the numbers to drive their motivation.  

The numbers simply drive their level of compliance.

To really motivate your sales team, I challenge you to make selling the most noble thing that happens in your business.

Noble selling is showing the client transformational value, in such a clear and transparent way, that all risk is reversed and they are able to make an informed and confident decision.

We use visual models to make that happen.

If your team aren’t keen to have the sales conversation with everyone they know personally, who could benefit from your product or service, you’d have to question if they feel noble about selling it.

When your team can sell with authentic pride, all the numbers change.

Unfortunately, nobility and pride are difficult to create and even harder to measure!

How do you create a sense of pride and noble purpose in your sales team?

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