Selling is perceived by many as manipulative and money-driven – yet it should be the most noble thing any business does …

In a confusing and challenged world, we need greater nobility from the business world. How we sell is a good place to start.

Nobility in selling requires us to resolve some conflicting pressures. 

Are we driven by doing good or making gain?

Do we seek to serve or to seize?

Is our most common first focus to contribute or to consume?

If I choose to sell from a perspective of doing good by serving and contributing, I’ll acquire customers that fit and that I want to work with.

If I choose to sell from a perspective of making gain by seizing as much cash as I can, or consuming as much of the market as I can, I will end up with a different sort of customer.

A more noble approach to selling demands transparency of conversation. The exact opposite of “withholding and weaponising information.

Visual models achieve this transparency of conversation with ease and elegance – we’ve seen first-hand how using powerful visual models significantly elevates the noble nature of the conversation.

For us, models help us to be more noble in how we sell.  What about you, what could you do to make your selling more noble?