Too many people boast about their multi-tasking abilities like it is a badge of honour BUT multi-tasking is a false economy!

Multiple time management studies, and certainly in the world of project management, multi-tasking has shown to cause as much as a 40% drop in productivity.

This loss of productivity has a real number.  Nearly every 10 seconds companies worldwide waste $1 million as a result of ineffective performance – that’s $2 trillion per year.

In project management specifically, successful completion is staggeringly low – as many as 70% of all projects fail to hit their goals.

In fast-moving entrepreneurial businesses this kind of failure and wastage can be terminal.  In business today mastering successful “micro-project” management is a key leadership skill.

And visual models are a secret weapon in driving wildly successful micro-projects.

Visual models are game-changing in the world of sales, but they are equally potent in elevating team performance.  They are really a system for elevated thinking and accelerated influence. Two things that are key to running great projects and delivering higher productivity.