Momentum really is the great strategic leveller … success usually goes with those that have the greatest momentum.

In sports business … life, momentum feeds on itself and fosters even greater results.

Without momentum, there is friction and there is a level of energy required to just get things moving.

So much fuel is burnt getting a train moving, a rocket to lift off, a plane off the ground.

However, once the body is in motion, additional efficiencies kick in.

You have to move through momentum to get to speed.

When you stop and start, you don’t just waste energy, you also lose focus, sometimes even confidence.

The thing about momentum is that it is NOT linear … it compounds.

The more momentum you build, the easier it gets to build even greater momentum.

This is especially true in selling.  Activity and motion creates momentum and momentum will translate into sales.

How has your 2023 started?  Are you building the kind of momentum you want to see in your business?

What can you do right now, to create MUCH higher levels of momentum in your business and in sales in the next two months?