In sales there may only be three reasons anyone wants to meet with you …

They have some emotional connection with you, your reputation or what you do and working with you will serve their ego in some way.

They think you may have deeper insights than most other people, into their problem and more specifically a certain solution to that problem.

They can see the tangible, transformation and timeless value of what you do and they want that for themselves if they can afford you.

These three things don’t mean they will buy from you … you still have to make the sale.  

However, if you position against one or all three of these, there is a higher probability that they will meet with you and give you the time to engage in a sales conversation with them.

The first two of these come down to how you show up and communicate IN ALL SCENARIOS.

Your personal brand is ALWAYS on display.

The third of the three comes down to how well you “organise” the genius you have to offer and how well you express that.

Visual Models are an automatic system for thinking and influence that addresses these three things.

Models allow you to develop richer and deeper connections and conversations with your marketplace and with individuals in the market.

They allow you to establish an impeccable reputation for being a deep, insightful, wisdom-based thinker in your space.

They supercharge your ability to increase the rate, speed and quality of conversion.

In our world we do all that with one system, Models-based selling.

How do you lay down the foundation for these three dynamics of emotional connection, deeper insights and undeniable value?