It’s just an undeniable truth … if you want to impact a lot of people, and drive a great business, you must master communication.

Technical skill only gets you so far.

The most qualified and skilful surgeon still has to sell the surgery to the patient.  The patient doesn’t really even know if the surgeon will do a good job; they’re not qualified to know.  BUT, they do know the surgeon is going to have to cut them open, do some work and then stitch them up.

That needs to be sold and, to be sold, it needs to be communicated in a sophisticated, simple and safe way.

Here’s what won’t get it sold …



Jargon and complex language

The patient is already stressed enough – the conversation about what has to be done can’t add any stress at all.

Here’s what will sell it …

Letting the patient VISUALISE the solution

Giving them a STRUCTURED explanation

SHOWING them the blueprint for a successful surgery

Basically, use visual models!