I have an important question for you …

What should you focus on first – marketing & lead generation or selling & conversion?

I’m a conversion guy, so no guessing where I stand!

But let’s be analytical about this. Should you spend money on a full-scale, marketing campaign and sort the conversion out later – losing some of the sales that you should have made and wasting the money spent on getting those leads.

Or should you implement a minimum-viable, marketing strategy and then focus on really tightening the conversion conversation? When you tighten the conversion conversation, your marketing messages usually sharpen up and you’re much clearer about who you are trying to attract.

This hidden power of conversion is why we’re so focused on creating visual models that serve your business as powerful weapons of conversion.

I’d love to know what you’d focus on first … marketing & leads or selling & conversion? 

How are you going to make YOUR sales conversation stand head and shoulders above the crowd in 2021?