Maps are super important! Without a good map, anyone who sets off on a journey into unfamiliar territory is likely to get lost – but what does this have to do with sales?

A map is just a blueprint of the space between two points. If we know our start and finish points, a good map will get us there.

The map gives us the confidence to set out on the journey.

When you sell a product or service, you should have your clients’ starting point and end point clearly in mind.  

You should know what their current situation is and how your product or service will change that for the better.

I suspect you also have a pretty good mental map that describes the territory between – how to get them there.

But that is often the problem!  The client can’t SEE your mental map.  Too often they have to try and figure it out for themselves.

A visual model is effectively a map that shows the client HOW you will get them from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Your visual models give them confidence that you can get them to their destination.

They give them the confidence to set out on the journey – to make the purchase.

How effective are the visual maps you offer your prospects to show them how you can get them to their ideal outcome?

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