In an increasingly competitive world, where everyone seems to be using AI and other technology driven tools, to try and claim commercial advantage, do some foundational principles stay the same?

I think they do!

In my recent Sales Masterclass, I was focusing on the power of a single, unified and integrated framework of thinking, that organises your genius into a visual model that you can show your prospect.

When they can see the STRUCTURE of the genius behind your solution, they get a greater sense of confidence that what you do will work for them.

If you’re relying on them trusting your “intuitive genius”, your ability to just talk them through, then really, you’re relying on the “gift of the gab”.

It’s a foundational principle that we trust what we can see more than what we hear!

Another concept I shared in the Masterclass was around the levels and types of value we create.

When we talk about levels of value there are really three – transactional, transformational and timeless.

Transactional is obvious and to be honest is fairly shallow – it’s based on product specs and price.

The transformational level is more interesting because it focuses on how your solution will change their circumstances.   It is worth more and you can ask for a premium!

However, there is a deeper level … timeless value.

Timeless value is what you create when you change both their current circumstances and their future!  Sell them their future, not your features!  This is priceless!

When we work with clients to create their Million-Dollar Sales Models Suite, we’re really pulling together the central organising framework of deep transformational and timeless value, and building high-impact visual models around it, so that your prospects can “try it on” as they go through the sales process with you.