Let’s play a little mind game to help deepen our thinking about selling …

Imagine you had a superpower that allowed you to know, out of every 10 prospects, the two that will buy from you no matter what, the two that won’t buy from you no matter what and the six in the middle that will definitely buy from you if you do a better job of selling to them than anyone else.

Would you interact with each of these three types of prospects differently?

For the six in the middle, is there anything you might change about how you sell right now?

All of us can improve how we sell, not just at an individual salesperson level but also at a company level.

Three big areas we might focus on include:

The effectiveness of the sales process,

The quality of the sales conversation, and

The mindset of the sales people.

So if those six prospects in the middle were yours to win, what would you change about your sales process, conversation or mindset.

You may not change anything, but that is basically saying that your current selling approach is perfect.

For me, I would put the focus on the process.  I’m confident we have a good conversation, but we could make our process more efficient and faster.

What can you do with how you sell to capture each of the middle six prospects?