For many people, the outside world is actually inside Zoom right now!

Zoom’s growth curve compared to their nearest competitor is exponential.

Does it mean it is a better product?

Not necessarily, but it does mean it is a more popular product, and, based on usage and uptake, a more relevant product.

Previous resistance to using Zoom has evaporated in a matter of weeks.

The old “I don’t use Zoom” response that used to prevent engagement with some clients in Zoom has become irrelevant.

Zoom has become ubiquitous with business communication.

Just as we no longer “search” – instead we “Google it.”

We no longer “video conference” – now we “Zoom.”

Will this be a new normal? 

Who knows!

But it does seem that Zoom has created a whole new class of products and services and there’s one reason for it …

Rapid uptake.

That one thing has allowed our new sales program “Sell By Zoom” to become wildly successful.

John DeMato, a portrait photographer in New York, has redefined his business to be able to provide professional Zoom portraits like the one on this post. 


How can YOU leverage a paradigm shifting outcome of this moment in time that we’re all living through, to stabilise, or perhaps even elevate, your success?