Is selling really that hard?

So many business owners think it is … but is it really?

People talk about Imposter Syndrome, the struggle to overcome price objection, being shopped on price, having difficulty getting the prospect to see your true value, finding it challenging to stand out and so much more … BUT, is selling really hard or is there an easier way – one that neutralises all of these issues?

Selling is hard when you make it hard, and you make it hard when you make it a battle between the buyer and the seller.  As soon as you seek to “close” the prospect, you establish battle lines.

The pressure builds, the prospect pushes back, you try to push forward and it all gets too hard.

This is industrial age selling at its worst, but it is still the most common approach to selling in play today.

The thing is, we’re no longer in the industrial age, we’re not even in the information age anymore.  We’re in an intel age, an insight age and an intimacy age.  People want to know that you really GET THEM and that you’ve really GOT THEM – got their back.  They want to know that you know them intimately and they want to know that you have the deeper insights that they need to tap into, to get a better result than they could even imagine for themselves.

In the intel/insight/intimacy age, industrial age selling doesn’t work.

As an example, imagine saying to a prospect “… it’s not my job to sell you, it’s my job to help you figure out if what we do is the very best solution for the problem you’re trying to solve.  Once you know that, the responsibility is yours to decide whether it makes sense for you to buy it or not.”

This is a completely disarming and transparent conversation that has full buyer safety and no need for battle lines.

When you take the pressure out of the sale, the sale becomes much easier.

The reality is that selling shouldn’t be the hardest thing you do … but it should be the most noble thing you do in your business.