Is absolute business certainty even possible?

So many people go into business without any clear skill or experience to make it work – yet somehow there is this idea that “anyone can do it”.

The failure rate would tell us otherwise!

Yet absolute business certainty is possible if you drive one thing … revenue!

The flow of money through the business, allows you to solve any other problems that put you at risk.

Sure, pandemics and global economic collapse blindside everyone, but in the normal cadence of business, if you drive enough revenue, you can make everything else work.

Importantly, we’re talking about revenue supplied by the market, from customers buying from you.  Money coming in through borrowings, capital raising, wealthy relatives and others, can get you started and can sort out short term bumps, but the only thing that drives long-term certainty is the flow of revenue from the marketplace driven by a powerful and reliable sales system.

In business, how well you sell is directly proportional to how well you succeed!  Without sales, not much else matters.