Is it possible to achieve a perfect score in business and what would it take to do so?

My wife Joanne and I just celebrated our 36th Wedding Anniversary, so we went away for a couple of days to just step back from the business and recharge.  

Not only are we married but we are also in the business together, so we’re both pretty interested in how other businesses operate.

That meant we both noticed the same thing about the hotel we stayed at.  EVERY staff member we interacted with was fully and cheerfully engaged in doing all they could to give us a truly wonderful experience.

We both gave the hotel a perfect score for their dedication to our enjoyment of the experience of staying with them.

The question this experience raises in my mind is “What would it take to get all your staff that committed and engaged?”

Obviously a lot of training and performance feedback and improvement.  But I think there is an even more important step …

You have to believe that a perfect score is possible and genuinely want to pursue it.  

So many business owners I have spoken with over the years have said things like “No one ever gives a perfect score”.

Well I have, many times, so the statement is already wrong.  And if you’ve also ever given a perfect score, then it is extra wrong.

A perfect score is not impossible … it’s just hard to do.  Does that mean we shouldn’t strive for it?

Michael Jordan once said that being a champion is not about practice … it is about perfect practice.

So I find myself asking if I’m up for the challenge of seeking perfection in our business … how about you?