IMPOSTER SYNDROME … it seems like everyone talks about it and, based on how often it comes up, that the majority of salespeople suffer from it …

But what is it … really?

Imposter Syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities or feeling like a fraud.  People suffering from Imposter Syndrome often feel like a fake and worry about when they are going to be found out.

Intriguingly, Imposter Syndrome affects a disproportionate number of high-achievers.

So, what can we do about it – especially in sales!

In a Harvard study into Imposter Syndrome, one of the methods of reducing it was identified as visualising success.  

A shift occurs when we move from talking about success to being able to “see” it.  

In sales, when we can SHOW the prospect the framework of our promise, rather than just talk about it, we can let the framework do the work.  We don’t have to attach the value of what we do to our own ego.  We don’t have to talk about ourselves, instead we can create powerful models that do the heavy lifting and make the promise.

There’s one other thing that really changes the whole dynamic of Imposter Syndrome … Buyer Safety.  When you make the prospect safer with you, than they would be without you, and you do that every step of the way, it makes it safer for YOU too!

Using visual models in your selling takes the pressure out of the sale and allows you to banish Imposter Syndrome.  Visual models allow you to think through and communicate value at such a deep level, with such simplicity and effectiveness, that the promise you make to your prospects becomes incontestable.