If you could wave a magic wand and say “I wish I had a powerful, visual model that would … <FILL IN THE BLANKS>” … what would it be?

And … what if I created that model, especially for you, to solve that problem … including a recording of the exact choreography and the templates for you to use?

And all for FREE?

I know what you’re thinking … what’s the catch??

Well, I’m itching to create some powerful models for an exciting, new program I’m thinking of launching in a few months … I just need to know what issue you’d most like help with.

It could be in some part of your sales process, or with a member of your team’s performance, or part of your project management process, or even managing the leaders in your business.


If it looks like others may also have the same (or similar) problem, and I decide to include it in the program, I will create the model and critical punchlines, record the choreography, provide the PPT templates … and gift it to you to thank you for your input!

As the ‘Models Guy’, I already have hundreds of models for every aspect of business … I just need to know what you most want!

So, get your magic wand out (start waving!) and let me know in the comments below what you’d like a model for!

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