After a couple of full-on days at work selling high-end accessories, my daughter was telling me last night about all the sales she had made.

“One problem though … I really, really hate selling!” she said.

When I asked how she managed to sell so much product if she hated it, she told me she doesn’t actually “sell.”

Often, the first thing she does is compliment the person entering the store on something they’re wearing … and that opens up the conversation.

She said that she doesn’t look at the potential buyer as a customer … she just treats them like a person and likes to have fun with them.

And about every time she does that, she just happens to make a sale!

And she’s not alone – apparently all the staff feel the same!

Interestingly, the store she works in is one of the company’s highest earning stores and, when surveyed, the staff always receive fantastic feedback about being friendly, helpful, genuinely wanting to help, really knowledgeable, going above and beyond, etc etc.

“I also think that we sell so much because none of us are focused on making the sale but rather, creating a whole experience.”

Mature thinking from someone so young!  

So … what do YOU do to really create a whole experience for the people who want to buy from you?