Every night, my 14-year-old dog, Hudson, sits behind me while I have my dinner, waiting for the family to finish eating and start clearing the table, because that’s when his pitch begins …

You see, he has a tested and structured sales process!

He knows his market very well!

He knows we can’t resist his (very cute!) expressive look of unconditional love, which is the key-value proposition that he is offering to us in exchange for any scraps from the plates … don’t judge me!

The advantage he has over most sales people is that he’s a creature of consistency and routine.

He has worked out a set of behaviours that deliver the desired result – he’s found a value exchange that works and he applies it consistently.

There’s no surprises – he makes a sale every night!

Sometimes, we humans make it harder than it really needs to be.

Just find what works for you by test and measure, then rinse and repeat! 

If we look hard enough, our canine, feline and equine friends often teach lessons we’d do well to learn. 

So, maybe I should write a book called “Sales Secrets From Hudson The Weimaraner” … I think there’d be a lot of simple lessons in there for all of us!

Love to know what business lessons your furry friend might’ve taught you!

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