How good are you really? 

A lot of clients I work with to unpack their key sales models, say the same thing to me …

“We are the BEST in the market at what we do, we just need a better way to sell it.”

This raises a key question that you, me and every other business owner must ask ourselves in a real and honest way.

How good are we at what we do … really?

Compared to EVERY other available priority, opportunity or alternative option that our customers could invest their money and time into, are we ABSOLUTELY the best choice for them?

If we look at the model, the harsh reality is that in every market there is a top 5 percentile and a lower 100th percentile.

And, of course, everything else in between!

Two things determine where you fit into that ranking …

First – how well you OUT-SELL the rest of the market and displace ALL other spend priorities your customers might have, in favour of your offer.

Second – how well you OUT-SERVE the rest of the market and delight the customer beyond what they thought possible.

These are harsh truths to confront … but confront them we must.

Avoidance or ignorance is not a winning strategy.

So really, honestly, based on OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE, where do you sit in your market?

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