Should you sell aggressively? How do people want to be sold to in today’s world?

To answer that question ask yourself an even more pointed question … when you’re the customer, how do you want to be sold to?

I am not in the aggressive selling camp. I’m squarely in the “sell without ego, pressure or overwhelm” camp.

I’ve seen people make claims about talking over the customer, knocking down every concern, making sure they know who’s in control.

Truthfully, I’m surprised this style of selling still exists – it can only lead to a resented purchase, or no purchase at all.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m the customer, I don’t want to be pressured or pushed. I want to be informed, cared for and respected.

I truly believe that when the customer feels safer with you than they do without you, the sale starts to take care of itself in quite magical ways.

What does that mean? When you come from a place of wisdom rather than ego, presence rather than pressure and clarity rather than complexity, people WILL feel safer with you … and that safety will lead to richer, deeper conversations, greater reputation and superior conversion.

They’ll understand the profound genius, powerful calm and packaged simplicity that you bring to the interaction and when that happens, you immediately elevate in their perception.