Everyone wants to land the big clients … but most people sell to them in the same way they sell to smaller clients!

What do I mean by that?

The way most people sell is commoditised – everyone is selling the same way.  To the client, that subconsciously means that what you deliver may also be the same as everyone else.

If you want to land the biggest clients, you must occupy a more powerful position than anyone else they speak to, and you need to do that without coming across as egotistical and WITHOUT diminishing your client’s own ego.  No small challenge.

How can you make all that happen?

Simple … with powerful visual models, that put the emphasis on the context and concept of what you do, in such simple and organised frameworks, that the entire discussion shifts to the value created and away from the “competition of ego” that pervades many sales conversations.

Visual models position you in two ways: 

  • As your biggest clients “conceptual equal”, and 
  • As conceptually superior to your competitors.

Just play with that idea for a moment.  

How much more powerfully would you sell, if you could position your solution as conceptually superior, just by drawing a few carefully-crafted visual models?