How do you know for certain your perspective is accurate?

A few years ago, I had cataract surgery to replace the lenses in my eyes with prosthetic lenses. My lenses had become cloudy – affecting my vision.

The doctor told me he’d put a short lens in one eye and a long lens in the other and my brain would learn to use both, eliminating the need to ever wear glasses again.

The plan was the first lens would go in, followed by the second lens two weeks later.

That’s where the most amazing thing happened.

In the two weeks between, if I shut my old eye, the colours of the world through the crystal-clear new lens were vivid – electrifying!  It was like I was seeing a whole new world!

If I shut my new eye, the murky cloudiness of my old lens, shrouded the vividness of the world in a dirty, mustard-brown colour.

Up until that point, I had no idea that my view of the world was so affected in a negative way. I was not seeing the world accurately.

The lesson was profound – I couldn’t assume my perspective was completely accurate … even if I was seeing it with my own eyes!

In selling, in life, be willing to find a new perspective – it may open YOUR eyes to an entirely new opportunity.

How do you challenge your perspective to find new views?