If what you do has a serious impact on your clients’ circumstances, then you’d better get serious about selling …

In November 2019, I suffered a pretty catastrophic back injury … in Mexico!

I had to get from Mexico to LA and then from LA to Sydney where I was meant to speak at a conference.  I was only able to make the trip with wheelchairs, painkillers, amazing airline staff and the commitment of my wife to getting me back to Australia.

Spinal surgery in Sydney and a week in hospital allowed me to fly home to Perth where the spinal surgeon suggested I spend some time on the spinal rehab ward.  He didn’t know how long it would be, but we were talking at least several weeks, maybe longer.  

I had planned on doing rehab at home.

He made a compelling pitch to me, and I bought into the idea of a hospital based recovery process.  Now, 18 months later, I am almost fully recovered and I have all my mobility back again.  That stay in hospital and the intense rehab and recovery set me up for the best possible outcome.

So, here’s the thing.  The surgeon is a highly qualified, educated and committed clinician, but none of that counts for anything, if he can’t sell me on the idea of the best treatment plan for my condition … to spend weeks or even months in a hospital room.

The same is true for the surgeon in Sydney who convinced me to have the initial surgery.  All their clinical skill is wasted if they can’t convince me that having my back cut open and my spine operated on is something I should choose to do.

Everyone sells … and the more impactful your work and the more valuable your expertise, then the more serious you should be about being great at selling.

Selling may well be the most noble thing we do!

So, how do you feel about selling?  Do you love it? Are you proud of it? Or do you see it as a necessary but uncomfortable requirement of being successful?