How certain are you about your business?

Certainty in business is a little like the holy grail of commercial success.  Imagine if you could run your business with the certainty of knowing exactly what will happen.

If not certainty, imagine if you at least had a certain level of control over your business. 

There’s one thing that creates greater business certainty than anything else … sales driven revenue certainty.

When revenue is certain, most other problems can be solved.  When revenue certainty is driven by how well you sell, absolute control is yours.

So how can you create sales certainty?

Well, that’s what I’m going to explore in just over a week’s time when I ask the question “Does The Way You Sell Tick Every Box On The ‘Ultimate Sales Checklist’?

As the leader of your business, what would you have on your ultimate sales checklist? 

A good checklist is a certainty tool.  It is the clarification of the key things that matter.  It says “put these things in place … no matter what.”