Hope may well be the most important currency in any sales interaction …

It’s easy to think that the primary currencies of a sale are money and value. The client pays you money and you deliver value.

But are these really the two most important currencies?

Your prospects come to you with an unresolved need and they have had past experiences where they bought something and were disappointed.

When they buy from you, they are really buying insurance on that need being resolved and avoiding mistakes of the past being repeated.

Every sale is really an insurance policy. They are buying from you HOPING that you will deliver and that their need will be served.

If you just tell them that you can solve their problem, all they can do is hope you’re being truthful.

If you show them a model, a visual and structured framework that lays out how you will solve their problem, hope turns into confidence.

They can look at the model and SEE that it will work. The framework SHOWS them how much thinking has gone into your solution.

Models completely redefine the customer’s confidence pathway through the sale.