Time is the great strategic leveller!  It can give you first mover advantage or it can give you slow-to-adopt disadvantage!

It an entrepreneurial business that means that you must be able to identify, design and execute business critical improvement projects, just as effectively as you design and sell a product into the market place.

Project speed gives you business speed!

Most business owners understand the basic business measures of marketing, selling and delivering – the cost of acquisition of a new lead, the rate of conversion to sales and the level of customer satisfaction on delivery.

But the measures around project management are often not as well defined or executed.

Every new project should be judged by the impact it will have on the business BEFORE it even gets the nod to go ahead.  The clarity around what is expected from the project should be addressed with a real assessment of the expected return on investment and finally, the efficiency and effectiveness of project execution should be well understood to create a repeatable project framework for future projects.

Potential impact, return and execution – three things in every entrepreneurial project that are as important as leads, conversion and customer satisfaction are in the mainstream of business.

Most projects fail, not because of the delivery process, but rather because of flawed thinking about the project BEFORE IT EVEN GETS STARTED.  

Yet this problem is so easily fixed.  A small number of specifically designed  visual models can drive much deeper and clearer thinking, as well as a much more accurate level of performance during the execution of the project.

It is this accuracy of thinking and execution that gives every project the ability to bring a speed advantage to the business.