How do your prospects feel based on the very first contact they have with your marketing? Are they lifted up or pushed down?

We exert influence on others in one of two directions … we lift them up or we push them down. When we give others hope and belief, we lift them up. When we create fear and anxiety, we push them down.

So much traditional marketing is based on find the problem, aggravate it and offer a solution. The risk with that, is it makes them a victim and requires you to be their hero. 

That doesn’t make for great customers. It creates dependency that can turn into real problems during fulfilment.

The alternative is that you make the customer the hero in their own crusade – elevate them, give them hope and the confidence that they can “win.”

When you make the prospect the hero, they become an empowered customer with a greater ability to understand the true value of what you do.

Also, if you make the prospect the hero, you become the sage. When they elevate, you elevate!

It’s really a question of whether you sell from ABOVE the line or BELOW the line.

I’d love to know, in the comments below … how do you make your prospects the hero in YOUR marketing and selling?