Let me share a story about business grit and determination …

A wonderful client of ours, operates a business that requires international travel for her clients. Her business effectively stopped doing business as people were locked out of travel.

She pursued multiple directional changes in her business to stimulate commercial activity. Some of these had promise – tantalisingly close, but not close enough.

Recently, the business has won a great contract that will buy it time to come out of the current pandemic situation. The contract makes use of the genius within the business, but also addresses a different need to the original business.

My client worked hard to put a great proposal to the prospect and when it came time to make the in-person pitch, she worked on it, right up to the last minute, including us strategizing about bringing a Models Method perspective to the pitch.

Later, she was told that her in-person pitch had swung the deal.

So … a couple of lessons?

There are always options – if you keep looking AND taking action.

The in-person sales presentation still has great impact – even in an increasingly online world.

I’d love to hear your favourite story of grit and determination from the past 12 months.