Great selling in 2023 is definitely NOT about manipulation, and it is DEFINITELY not about having the “gift of the gab” …

Faced with the need to close more sales, people turn to the belief that great salespeople have some magical quality, or have mastered a stealth tactic that gets others to do what they want them to do.

If you want to make selling the most noble thing you do in business – and still convert faster and at a higher rate – then you have to become a great communicator.

Mastering communication may well be one of the most important life skills, so let’s not hide from it!

There’s a lot to being a great communicator, but there are two things that using powerful visual models will help you do … 

… manage the visible and influence the invisible.

When you’re in a sales conversation, there are two exchanges going on. 

The visible exchange is where you’re laying out the problem the prospect has and how your solution will help them.

The invisible exchange where the prospect is processing a lot of emotion and thought below the surface, maybe even below their own subconscious levels.

If you want to just pressure a prospect into the purchase, then just push hard on the visible.

However, if you want the prospect to buy from you and be ecstatic that they did, then you must sell to the invisible.

Visual models lift the invisible past the visible, and into the understood, without pressure, overwhelm or intrusion.