It’s common sales thinking that conversion is all about getting the prospect to say yes to your offer – that’s not what conversion is!

It’s easy to believe that selling is all about manipulating the prospect to agree with you, say yes to you and then part with their money.

That kind of selling can get results, BUT the prospect will always have a level of resistance or regret about the purchase – they’ll feel like they were pushed into it.

The REAL conversion decision comes when the prospect says yes to themselves! 

The process of selling is really the process of getting the prospect to a decision that they are comfortable with and confident about.

They need to say yes to themselves on a number of fronts:

Yes, I need and want this solution

Yes, this is value for money

Yes, this company can do what they say

Yes, now is the best time for me to do this

YES, I believe this is the best thing for me to do out of everything I could spend my time, money and energy on.

Getting a prospect to say yes to YOU is all about the product demonstration.

Getting them to say yes to THEMSELVES is all about challenging their paradigm … in a safe way.

It’s a completely different way to sell.

How do you challenge your prospects, safely?